Toyko Hardcore + Creepers

Haven't done one of these for a while, doesn't mean i've stopped shopping though! I do this terrible thing where i stress shop and now that all my final assessments are piling's some of the damage.

Everything except the creepers were from Toyko Hardcore. I really like supporting storenvy sellers because most of the time, their items aren't too overpriced and i think their designs are more unique! I've had my eye on some of their stuff for a while but when they brought out the kitty sweater, that sold me. The sweater is incredibly warm and cozy with a fluffy interior - my favorite kind of sweater. The tank was printed on an American Apparel top so it's really soft! This was my OOTD for uni a week ago :3 i got a few compliments and stares for the top:

And as for the creepers, they're from Underground. I was always unsure of how i felt about these shoes because i've seen so many cheap versions of them in HK and i wasn't the biggest fan of those. But i saw a version of these in Windsor Smith (shoe store) and they looked really cute! So i went home, did my research and decided on the most authentic brand, Underground. They're SO comfy and sturdy, i love wearing them with filly socks/long socks. Plus, there's the height factor c; I'm seriously in love with them. My only regret is not buying them sooner!
 Here's an OOTD featuring the kitty sweater and the creepers:
If you follow me on instagram/twitter @chloe_e, you've probably already seen this along with my halloween costume! I will do a post on halloween after my exams are over/final papers are due, which is in a short 5 days eeek!

Do you stress shop? Please say yes and tell me i'm not alone in this haha!




  1. oh my I NEED that kitty sweater!!!!
    too cuteeeee
    the creepers are interesting too :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. I love those red-striped shorts!!

  3. wow you have such a cute style!! I'm not a fan of creepers for myself, but I love seeing them on people ;)
    Your hair is so cool, btw!!

  4. "Too cute to prostitute" OMG LOL LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  5. I stress shop too (: but I compromise by giving myself a limited budget to shop with every month, and that way I feel guilt-free.

    Love the "too cute to prostitute" shirt, and it's adorable with those striped shorts.

    1. yeh i give myself a budget too and i reward myself at the end of every stressful assignment/exam ._.

    2. I like it, it works for me too, and I rarely overspend ^_^ I always worry that I will but I've been pretty good. How about you, ever get too indulgent? >_>

  6. aww the kitty sweaters is just too cute ^_~

  7. Oh gosh you look adorable!
    I love your girly cute
    style c: That jumper with
    the cat print is my favorite
    of this haul c:


  8. That kitty sweater is the cutest thing ever!!! Good luck with exams~~


  9. I stress everything. Including but not limited to eating, shopping, procrastinating, and suddenly finding just about everything more interesting than the thing I need to do :p I've always been fascinated with creepers, not sure if I'd ever buy a pair though. They look really cool on you with the cat sweater :) And ummm, is that a llama plushie in the background? Cos I kind of need it. Good luck with your exams!

    1. YES amen sister! HAHA.
      and why yes, that is a llama plush in the background. i have an addiction to these llamas...
      i buy them from this seller:
      you can find her here on storenvy or here on eBay!
      for more information, i wrote about it briefly at the end of this post c:

      hope it helps!

  10. The kitty jumper is super cute! I was tempted to buy myself a pair of creepers too but I'm trying not to spend so much :(

    1. wow how was i not following you before! followed c: