Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow: Synth + Creep (Swatch + Review)

Cheeky purchases i made in my uni break last monday. I went with a friend who wanted an Illamasqua foundation, I don't know why i ever thought i could leave the counter empty handed but my hands were not empty. I ended up buying 2 eyeshadows: Synth and Creep, these are my very first Illamasqua eyeshadows!

The illamasqua eyeshadows come in a black shiny plastic box with curved edges and a transparent lid so you can see the color without opening the box. I have to say, i love the gothic exterior to all of illamasqua's packaging, it looks very sophisticated. It is also very lightweight so easy to travel with.
Synth is an iridescent pale pink-lilac with silver glitter specks. It is a cool toned color and so gorgeous! At one swipe, it is quite sheer but the color can be built up quite easily.
Creep is described as a soft lavender purple with a matte finish. When i first saw it, i thought it would be a blue but it is a beautiful shade that falls somewhere between a lavender and a gray.
I was instantly drawn to these colors because i have nothing like them. The compliment each other so well and i think they'd be perfect to create a flirty look for spring c; 
under natural light
under flash
Synth all over the eyelid and Creep blended lightly in the crease 

The texture of these eyeshadows are very soft and silky. It is quit finely milled so hey can be easily picked up on a brush/fingers without any fallout. The color payoff for Creep is much more pigmented than Synth (being a matte shade) but both shadows are easily buildable and blends like a dream, giving it a very natural finish.
I did find the colors more opaque over a primer but the wear was fine with/without the eye primer and lasted the entire day without creasing and very little, if any, fading.
Here's a FOTD when i wore both these eyeshadows. I ran Creep along my lower lashline and I also brought out my MAC Shy Girl Lipstick again, it's been so long! I love it so much c:
I feel like illamasqua eyeshadows are often overlooked but they're really impressive! There is such a huge array of shades from neutrals to bolder colors and there are different finishes (mostly matte shades but there are also metallic and shimmery finishes). There's really something for everyone!
Of all the illamasqua products i own, there isn't one that i've tried and haven't loved! My favorite has be to their blushes! With the exciting recent price slash in Australia for illamasqua products, i'm going to do a post soon on all the illamasqua goodies i own c: 

Do you own any/What are your favorite illamasqua products?




  1. What an absolutely gorgeous combo! I don't own any Illamasqua products but I'm PRETTY sure that will change soon with the recent price drop!!! Really keen to try their blushes especially. Looking forward to your big post!

    1. i hadn't heard much about illamasqua when i tried their products for the first time, it was instant love.

  2. beautiful color! I have only 1 illamasqua lip gloss and I love it ;D
    These eye shadows are gorgeous!
    your eye brow is so perfect!! *envy*

    1. haha that's so kind! my eyebrows are far from perfect!

  3. Oooo! I have never tried Illamasqua but I want to now! Synth is such a pretty purple on you! And you're so cute! xx

    1. thanks sweetie c: you really should! I wonder if they're available in HK?

  4. Love this eyeshadow look, it's very cute. I'd wear it!

  5. such pretty colours, and you blended them beautifully :)