Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette (Swatch + Review)

Look what came in my cousin's care package from the States!! The Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette from their Fall 2012 collection!! This is definitely the most beautiful palette i own and i'm so in love with it. I've been using it everyday since receiving it 2 weeks ago. 

When i first opened it, i was really surprised at how small and slim it was, it's about the size of my iPhone. I love the sleek packaging too. The brassy champagne palette is very compact and perfect to slip into your makeup bag for on-the-go. It annoys me that it attracts fingerprints so easily though.
As you can see, inside the palette you'll find a full sized mirror, 8 eyeshadows and a dual ended brush. The dusty mauve-rose toned colors in the palette work beautifully and seamlessly together. The combination makes it quite foolproof because you can create an elegant and feminine eye look with minimal effort. There are 3 finishes - Eyeshadow (Matte), Metallic, Sparkle (sheer wash of glitter).
Navajo - a matte cream-colored highlighter shade
Twilight - a copper pink
Pink Dusk - a pale metallic mauve
Water Color Pink - a silvery pale pink glitter sparkle
Twilight Pink - A shimmery peach 
Cement - a matte greige/taupe
Dusk - a mauve glitter sparkle
Chocolate Mauve - a matte chocolate plum with mauve sparkle
Here they are swatched on my arm in order:
The shades vary in quality and pigmentation. I found that the matte shades (Navajo, Cement and Chocolate Mauve) were incredibly smooth and velvety. I don't really care for Navajo though because the color really doesn't do anything for me, it barely shows up on my skin. The Metallic colors were very pigmented but not quite as buttery to the touch. I find that the Sparkle eyeshadows are quite sheer and best used on top of other eyeshadow colors to add a hint of glitter. The eyeshadows were buildable, easy to work with and blend out.

Overall, i am a huge fan of this gorgeous palette. The shadows are so wearable, pretty and long lasting and I can honestly say that i've used and loved every single color. I do think that one sparkle eyeshadow would have sufficed. I wish that instead of Dusk (the worse out of the two sparkle shades in terms of pigmentation and quality), there was one more matte shade. 
This retails in the US for $60 and in Australia $130 - the difference in price is actually outrageous. 
Here are 2 FOTDs where i used the palette:
Although this palette was released for Fall in the northern hemisphere, i think the colors will still be really wearable for spring in the land down under. 
The pinks and glitters really bring a soft and muted look c:




  1. This palette makes my heart flutter... soooo gorgeous! Wow the size of an iPhone, that's tiny!
    Beautiful looks you've created - such flawless skin too!

  2. what a beautiful palette!! but I have already had a lot of similar shades T.T such a temptation though!

    1. i think i might have a couple similar shades too, this is like a more girly/glam version of the naked palette.

  3. Australian RRP really frustrates me :/ but im not sure where i can get authentic BB makeup. where did you get this palette :)?

    1. i know ;c this is the very reason that i don't own many bobbi brown products at all.
      my cousin purchased it for me in the States

  4. What a lovely care package from your cousin! The colours look super gorgeous. And of course, super slick in that Bobbi Brown compact! Looks like you'll get a lot of use out of it xx

    1. definitely very easy colors to use c: next time i go travelling, this is all i'll take for eyeshadows!

  5. Replies
    1. yes, only the shade 'dusk' was a bit of a letdown.

  6. Oh nice! It's such a pretty palette! Sucks that the prices in Australia are so ridiculous, but it's good that you have a person who can get them (:

  7. I absolutely adore this! Gorg gorg!
    Maybe we can follow each other dear? :)


  8. so cuuuteee :)

  9. Hey girl :D
    Glad I found your blog, it's great!!
    Love the mix of outfits and make-up reviews and so on (:
    I'm a new follower!

    The palette looks so pretty, perfect for everyday looks. I like the look that you did (:


    1. thank you so much, i'm really happy to hear that! c:

  10. I didn't know that this palette looks this nice! The colours are all very wearable and pretty.


  11. love your make up.

  12. head over heels with your yellow blazer on the last post :)

    checking out your blog seems to have an effect of a make up playdate with sissy! LOL

    The Sweetest Escape 

  13. I love your yellow blazer from the past post ;)
    Also I wanna try this amazing palette!! :) You look absolute gorge!
    New follower here def!!

    The Misty Mom

  14. I've been eyeing this palette but like a previous commenter said I have too many similar shades haha but your post may have convinced me I *might* need it in my life.

    1. i have a lot of taupes and browns but not so much these mauvy colors. if anything, the small packaging is just so handy to travel with. i hope i don't cause too much damage :P