Essie: Penny Talk (Swatch + Review)

Hey ladies!
It's been a while! Today i have for you a swatch and review of Essie Penny Talk. Some of you may remember that this was on my wishlist a month or so ago. When i finally got around to placing a massive nail polish order with my friends, most of the Mirror Metallics collection was actually sold out on the site and i was so guttered! But i received a spoil package from my cousin in the States for my birthday and what do you know, Penny Talk was in it c:

I'm not usually a fan of metallic nail polishes because their finish always looks so streaky but i couldn't resist the color.
Essie describes this as "an authentic copper metallic". It reminds me more of rose gold though, which is what drew me to this color initially.

The application was very smooth, totally opaque in one coat but i almost always use 3 coats of nail polish just out of habit. As with most metallic nail polishes, it dries very quickly and you have to be careful with each brush stroke otherwise if it's uneven. it can emphasize any streakiness.
The wear wasn't the most greatest, they started chipping after the third day and did not survive a full day at work on me (my work is pretty hands on). Most of my nail polishes last at least a week.
Overall though, it's a really beautiful color and i have nothing else like it. The formula wasn't really the problem but my nails aren't the healthiest and as you can see, i have a lot of ridges :c this was only really noticeable up close though! I got so many compliments from my friends/at work. Might have to look into buying a ridge-filling base coat!

Also, i got around to swatching all my nail polishes on nail wheels today, will be posting a nail polish inventory very very soon c; 
Did you pick up any colors from the Essie Mirror Metallics collection? Any suggestions for a ridge filling base coat?




  1. Ah the famous Penny Talk! I've been hearing a lot of people say it looks like Rose Gold...! I think it looks different and interesting! It's a nice touch that you added some glitter. :)

    & I'd love to see your nail wheel !

    1. i wish my nails were healthier! it looks amazing on the nail wheel but not quite as amazing on my nails ;c

  2. Yay! You finally got the infamous Penny Talk in your collection now ;) haha but I have to agree with you on the wear time, but it's still a gorgeous color! =)

  3. I love how you do one nail different (: