wishlist ♔

I haven't been back from HK for that long and i'm already wishlisting *sigh
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  1. When i saw this palette, i actually gasped. The mix of taupes and pinks are so gorgeous and i'm in serious lust. IN LUST.
  2. I felt so guilty for wanting another one of these. I already own the green one which i absolutely love but goshh this color! It's been in my cart for a few months now, i think i'm ready to take the plunge and treat myself. It is my birthday in a few days + net-a-porter has free shopping right now! c:
  3. I left my seche vite in HK and i'm having the biggest panic attack. i'm doing a mass nail polish order soon with my girls but i don't think i can survive it until then D:
  4. These were the only colors that really caught my eye from the Mirror Metallics Summer Collection, especially Penny Talks, reminds me of rose gold.
  5. This cleansing sponge has popped up in a few blogs i follow now and i'm quite intrigued. The green clay one is for people for oily or combination skin. For $9 i don't think its super expensive or anything. 



  1. I'm totally lusting over the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette as well D: haha the pain of having an obsession with makeup hehe

    And you need to get your hands on Penny Talk because it is a gorgeous rose gold, I'm loving it at the moment :D

    And I'm a new follower for your blog too hehe :D

    1. awh thanks for stopping by! isnt that palette stunning! i defs will get penny talk c:

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