Essie: Lilacism (Swatch + Review)

Natural Light, indoors
I'm not sure what's with my Essie streak, i do use other nail polish brands too. This was actually my nail color 2 weeks ago, i just never had a chance to do a post until now.

So funny story, but for as long as i can remember, i actually really disliked the color purple. Anyone who knows me in real life will make fun of me because ever since dying my hair purple, i've been buying purple nail polish, purple mascara, purple eyeshadow and purple plushes. People kept asking what's gotten into me because it's so unlike me, i told them i was having a 'pre-twenties crisis'.
Natural Light, indoors
Voila, Lilacism is officially my first purple nail polish c:
Essie describes this color as "elegant and enchanting, satiny smooth lilac whispers springtime". Yep, i think that pretty much sums it up.
A clean and milky pastel purple. Application was a delight, 2 coats to reach fill opacity.
With flash
Artificial light, indoors.
It's so pretty and graceful c:

What are your favorite purple nail polishes? Maybe i should venture out c:



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  1. Wow your nails really shine! Essie Lilacism was my first nail polish from Essie brand :).