Hong Kong Haul

The lot
Hey everyone c:
So i'm finally back in Melbourne after being away for 6+ weeks. I tried to blog as regularly as i could when i was in HK and now that i'm back i will post more consistently! But first i must catch up on all the blogs i follow (which is a lot!)
I thought i would share with you my overall haul from my trip.

When i look at this and my overall budget, i actually don't feel that bad. I bought all of this with my own money. I saved up about $1600 AUD which isn't that much but i had my $6000 HKD from the HK Government Stimulus Package as well (which works out to be just under $1000 AUD). So my budget was about $2600 AUD and i didn't even spend all of it, i still had $500 when i got back! 
Make up
Cute + DIY stuff
Clothing, minus the shoes
Considering i was gone for 6 weeks, i'm pretty happy with myself right now c: 
Uni started again yesterday and it was a drainer. I have 10am-7pm days every monday ;c but its worth it for 3 days of uni a week.
p.s. if you follow me on instagram @chloe_e, you would know this already but my hair is blue now c: 

I hope that everyone had a good mid year break even if it was only 2 weeks! i have so many things to review in the upcoming weeks so please stay tuned c:




  1. Recently followed you on instagram so I saw your HK purchases.... but omggg so jealous, I'd be in heaven! Love your style and your hair looks so good! Can't say that I know many people who could pull off blue hair!

  2. Woah, so many cute stuff! HEAVEEEEEEN! <3

    1. i am the biggest sucker for cute things ;3

  3. OMG your haul is amazing! In fact, amazing is an understatement xD I am so jelly! I really want to go back to HK, I've only been there once

    I love your blue hair, it's so pretty :3

    1. Awh thank you c:
      you should definitely visit HK again! Most of my relatives are there so i go back every 6 months.

  4. after seeing your hugge haul, i can't wait to get my 6000HKD at the end of the year! hong kong is the best.

    those tonymoly bunny glosses are so cute! also loving all the gold jewellery. haha the little family of lama plushies is so adorable.

    Check out my blog! eveningonmytail@blogspot.com.au

    1. thank you for stopping by! yes the $6000 saved me! I will have a review of the tony moly lip balms up soon! c:

    2. I love this haul especially the stationery and the stickers! I always buy lots of them when I'm in hk too! X

  5. oh my your hk haul is amazeballs <3 i think you did pretty well taking into account you stayed under your budget :P and you are totally rocking the blue hair! x

  6. Replies
    1. if you ever come to hk, you should make sure i'm there c:

  7. *drops jaw* WOAHHH!!! I am soo jealous!! xP
    I bought a lot when I went to Taiwan but not nearly as much as you did in HK!
    Im going to hongkong at the beginning of next year, any great places to shop??

    Also, whats the HK Government Stimulus Package?


    1. oh that's so exciting! maybe i'll do a post on my favorite places to shop in hk c:

  8. Awesome buys! I went to Hong Kong a few months ago but it was winter while I was there. I really want to go back during the warmer weather though because I would love to stock up on shorts, skirts and shirts... and just all those "summer" clothes!