Travel Visuals: Hong Kong

Hey everyone! Feels so good to be blogging again and for the first time in 2016. I hope everyone had wonderful festivities with their family and friends over the last couple of weeks.  I was very happy to be home for the holidays after an incredible but exhausting 6 week trek around the U.S.
As an adult, I've never really gone so far away for so long and the trip definitely exceeded all expectations. I also feel that I have a newfound motivation for what this year might bring and the challenges that I may face. It's a really nice feeling to not be afraid but to be excited for the next stage in my life.
I want to share some of my favourite photos from my trip but since I was away for so long, I will break them up into each of the cities I had the pleasure of visiting. First stop: Hong Kong. 

Since my flight was stopping over in HK anyway, I decided to stay for a few days so I could see my grandparents and relatives. I also took the opportunity to do some asian beauty shopping and to go to a couple of themed cafés with my friend. The Gudetama café was a scream! All the dim sums were designed to resemble the beloved and hilarious Sanrio character that I'm sure we all relate to. The highlight of the menu was the "Runny Chocolate Bun", as pictured in the gif *laughing crying emoji. The Moomin café was super cute too, everything from the menu, to the interior to the human sized plushies that can keep you company should you lack a date.
I also couldn't resist the TsumTsum display at the airport Disney store especially when I saw the winking Marie. My preferred Tsum is usually Bumblebee Pooh/Elsa/Tinkerbell though. Do you guys play TsumTsum? LOL

I think it goes without saying that I also hauled quiteee a lot of beauty bits along the way so I'm sure they will make their appearance on the blog soon too :) 
The next travel post will be for LA.
Happy New Year again girls and boys! 


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