Dear 2016...

Not usually a resolutions gal, but this year I decided to set myself a few goals that I am motivated to achieve:

  1. Find a full time job
    Now that I have graduated, taken some time off and done some travelling, I am ready for the next phase of my adulthood haha.
  2. Ride my bike a few times a week
    I was reminded how much I actually liked riding on my trip so as someone who isn't the most active person, this is the exercise I have chosen to commit myself to this year! Let's do this.
  3. Read at least 50 books 
    I used to love reading all though my childhood and high school life. Somehow this took a back seat when I was drowning in course-related readings instead during uni. Now that I have a Kindle, I plan to get right back into it. Connect with me on my Goodreads account.
  4. Try to use up / declutter beauty products in my stash
    This probably sounds semi-like-a-joke since I just bought a ridiculous amount of makeup on my trip however, I did pack a lot of products to finish during my holiday and it felt so good to use up and get rid of things that have just been sitting around. I plan to continue doing this and make a conscious effort to use up whatever I can.
  5. Purge closet
    On the same wavelength as my last goal, my wardrobe needs a gooood clear out to make room for new clothes! I also really need to cut down my shoe collection. I'm hoping to sell some of the things online or at Camberwell Market to make a little of it back. Especially if I need to eventually invest in a work wardrobe. 
+ a bonus: blog more consistently and regularly :) 

On a final note, as I have finally learnt to do so in 2015, I will continue to look myself - surround myself with positive, sincere and good people, appreciate every moment with loved ones, try to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet and have fun :)

Voilà! That's all I really want for 2016 and I hope that I can share it all with you guys throughout the year and live up to my word.

Do you have any key resolutions for the year?


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