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This time next week, i will be officially on winter break for the next month or so C: I  seem to be looking for every reason to procrastinate though, from instagram to tumblr to just reading through blogs. what's wrong with me?
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  1. I keeping debating with myself whether i should just buy them or not. I know in the States these retail for about $80 but here in Australia, it's $122. 
  2. The UK Beauty Blogging world keeps raving on about this product. Caudalie isn't readily available in Australia but i did have a look and they sell in the Sasa Cosmetics Chain in HK.
  3. A while back, i saw ghostparties wearing the Topshop necklace in an OOTD. It was sold out online and I was devastated. Then a couple of days ago, onwardprogress uploaded a photo of it on Instagram! Turns out Lovisa made a dupe of the necklace, as well as the bracelet, which came out 2 weeks ago. Fingers crossed they'll still some left in my local store!
  4. I'm on a bit of an Illamasqua roll since i'm so impressed with everything i've tried so far but the shade 'Test' just seems so pretty for everyday! It's $39 from Myer but $26 from asos.
  5. I currently already own the Core Collection as well as the Starter Set from RT, both of which i love. The bristles are so soft and they are so affordable for such quality product! Next on my list are the Blush Brush, the Powder Brush and the Expert Face Brush. I know people go nuts for the stippling brush but i have the MAC 187 and i really like that so it seems silly to get both. Does anyone have both? What do you think?



  1. I'M WAITING FOR MY RT BRUSHES TO ARRIVE!!! ARGH. hurry already :( and i ordered the stippling brush! so i'll let you know if it's any good.. not that i'd be much help, right now i'm using my fingers to apply all my makeup hahha x

    oh it's kathleen btw! instagram led me to your lovely blog :D

    1. hi kathleen :) where did you order your RT brushes? I got mine sent to me from my cousin in the states haha but yes lemme know! coz i've enjoyed the other brushes.

    2. Sorry I just saw this!, shipping to australia is like $4? the site looks dodgy but it's legit!

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