Luna Bowtique

the packaging
Finally starting my own little blog that isn't tumblr.
I stumbled across Luna Bowtique after i saw the deer bow on tumblr and i knew i had to own it. Navigating through the store, i saw that these bow hairclips weren't even that expensive. They ranged from $3-$4 for each bows and there were so many bows i wanted! They are all so adorable and in the end, i placed an order for 3 bows. My package arrived today and i nearly died from cuteness.

the three bows i ordered: Strawberry Fun!, Deerly Cute and Kitty Playtime
they even chucked in a free bow C:
They all came with a strong alligator clip secured on the back, here's a photo of me wearing Deerly Cute:

My order took about 3 weeks to arrive and overall i'm really happy with the service. I paid $11 for the 3 bows + $5 shipping so $16 overall. With the free bow, it works out to be $4/bow which is really affordable. I definitely recommend this shop if you're looking for some cute bow hairclips. 
Some of the ones i wanted were out of stock. How cute is this bunny one! It screams me, i'll be keeping an eye on it for when it comes back in stock hopefully! c: i'll definitely be ordering more bows in the future!




  1. awww! made it to your very first post. I didn't realise you're such a new blogger!
    I really really love your blog and enjoyed reading all of your posts! It's hard to find good blogs nowadays that I can sit there and just scroll for ages but I'm glad I found yours.
    I love that it's such a good mix of fashion, beauty and your personal life.
    Can't wait for more posts :)

    1. awh this is the nicest comment i've received!! it makes me so happy c:
      i love your blog too and have been a silent follower for a while!

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