Clio "Be Brown" Gelpresso Mini Pencil Gel Liner Set (Swatch + Review)

Hey everyone,  I'm really excited to be sharing this review with you today because it's something I've truly been loving lately.

I found out about the Clio Be Brown mini set reading Sharlynn's blog and I was immediately drawn to the selection of colors, especially that rich burgundy. I stopped using pencil liners a long time ago because they always seemed to migrate on me no matter what but I've heard so many good things about Clio eyeliners and all the shades in this set seemed so perfect transitioning into autumn that I couldn't resist.

The mini set comes in a small metal tin, I like that it's not unnecessarily bulky and just houses the 5 mini pencil liners perfectly. The collection of colors are:
Be Proud No. 21 - A deep matte brown
Be Classy No. 20 - A medium brown
Be Brave No. 19 - A rich burgundy red
Be Free No. 18 - A warm bronze
Be Royal No. 17 - A coppery gold (the name of this one made me laugh a little compared to the other ones, I wish it was called Be Majestic LOL)
Apart from Be Proud, which is completely matte, the rest are slightly metallic. All the colors are exclusive to this set. As they're retractable, they don't need sharpening but the tip does lose its' initial sharpness after first couple of uses. I know the full sized versions come with an attached in-built sharpener but the mini ones don't.
The formula of these is so similar to gel liners (hence the name) in terms of its smoothness, color pay-off, and lasting ability. However because it comes in a pencil form, it's much more convenient and there's less chance of it drying up before you get your full use out of the entire product!
It glides so well without any tugging or skipping. Swatched on the back of my hand, it only came off with extreme vigorous rubbing with a tissue - and that was only when it had just been applied. Even then, the color never actually migrates or smudges, it simply fades - the lines I drew still remained defined. Safe to say, I don't think anyone would be rubbing their eyes in that manner. Once it sets however, it's even harder to get off and pretty much does not budge; it has passed the water test of all sorts too.
That being said, I never wear pencil liner on my eyelid, I'm a liquid liner girl through and through so this is completely and only tested tightlined top and bottom - that's the only time I'd use pencil liner.
Here I am wearing Be Proud (the deep matte brown) tightlined on my upper waterline, Be Brave (the burgundy red) tightlined and along on my lower water and lash line and Be Royal (the coppery gold) on my inner tearducts. I didn't wear the other 2 brown shades here but I usually go for any of the 3 browns interchangeably on my lower/outer lash line depending on my makeup for the day. The red is my favorite though.
I think this set is really good value for money. All the colours are so wearable, you can never really go wrong with brown eyeliner and this set provides a nice spectrum of browns. It set me back $30 which averages out to $6 per mini pencil (the cheapest price I could find on eBay for a full sized pencil is about $12)  I'm sure they are even cheaper in Korea/Asian countries but I still find the price I paid more than reasonable for the quality of these.
The Clio Gelpressos have shot their way to the top of my HG list for pencil liners. I'm not sure if this set is available all year around or limited edition but I'm dreading the moment I use it up because it's seriously so perfect T_T I think it's a shame that the colors in the set are unavailable individually or as a full sized set. Is it excessive to pick up a back up already? 

I bought my Clio Be Brown set here.

You can check out Sharlynn's original review here :) 

What's your HG pencil eyeliner? Have you tried the Clio Gelpressos?




  1. OMG. YES. I've started using them since 2 years ago and they are my staples. I even use them as eye shadow sometimes. I don't have the brown set but I collect other tones (got at least 6 colours on me).

    THEY LAST SO LONG AND DONT SMUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd tell you to just stick to them, but I'm sure you'd still like to explore, unlike Just return to them if you ever need something affordable. I wear them nearly everyday but they don't diminish easily. sorry, just ranting even though u already know of their awesomeness, but I'm really patriotic to their eyeliner and eye shadow set <3 <3

    If I am in Malaysia, I'll ask you if u need a restock! :D

    Li Jane.

  2. Oh I'm soooooo glad you love this set! I've raved about it and my HG eyeliners are their full sized ones but I haven't been using this set as much as I should! Love how you used them! Not only are they the only thing that actually lasts in my waterlines but the colors are just gorgeous aren't they? :)

  3. :O I'm still hit or miss when it comes to Korean cosmetics but maybe I'll give these a shot haha. My favourite is the UD 24/7 Glide On (NAME LOL?) and I've tried Shu Uemura too but that was disappointing ):

    I just want something for my waterline -sob-

  4. Wow these look amazing - the pigmentation is just out of this world and how gorgeous do they look on you girl! I've always wanted to try Clio products but wasn't sure where to get them! The ones you purchased from ebay are quite a reasonable price too for a set of 5. And now that you've said they're your holy grail list of pencil liners I want them even more! Beautiful post girl, I missed catching up on your blog xx

  5. Oh wow those pencils look amazing! I really like the chocolate shades :)


  6. Ohh, this is so pretty!! Love it!!

  7. I love love love brown eye liners/pencils/shadows, and if they are long lasting, then it's a yes for me! haven't heard about this brand, I'm going to check the shop right away! :)

  8. HAHA LI JANE! "Patriotic to their eyeliner", you kill me!
    Yeh I'm seriously impressed! Just when I've given up on pencil liners, it has really rekindled my love for them and the wider range of colors they offer!

  9. Thank you so much for your review post, I don't think I would have ever found out about this set otherwise :)

  10. The UD eyeliners didn't last on me as well as these, they migrated a little which annoyed me :( Give these a go, maybe buy a single one instead of the set to try it out because they're so affordable!

  11. Thank you so much for all the love and comments on my last few posts! I really need to get back into the swing of things :3
    The red and the gold just caught my eye and it helped that the rest of the set are super useful colors that I can use daily too :)

  12. You can never go wrong with brown eyeliners! I love how they don't look as harsh as a black waterline.

  13. You most definitely should, it's a very well reputed korean brand. I love korean cosmetics because their quality, packaging and prices are all amazing!

  14. Like an artist :)

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