MAC Glass Slipper Lip Glass - Cinderella Collection (Swatch + Review)

Growing up as a little girl, Cinderella was my favorite Disney princess movie, I had the film on tape and I literally rewinded/replayed it until it broke (by then my mum was able to buy me a VCD copy of it, remember those?) 
So when MAC first released photos and information on the Cinderella collection for the upcoming real-live action film, I felt a huge sense of nostalgia and also excitement that I can re-experience the desire of wanting to be a princess but as an adult. 
What I was not excited about however, was having to deal with the MAC girls. I don't know if it's just me, but I have never found an in-store experience at MAC pleasant. I never walk away feeling satisfied and I find the staff to be quite rude and generally unhelpful. I asked a number of times, with different staff members when the collection would be released in-store and every one of them shook me off with an "I don't know, you just have to keep checking back", no one bothered to offer to look it up or give me anything beyond their answer. One girl just told me "It should be around the time the movie comes out." Why thank you, how helpful of you. Ok bitter rant aside, lets talk about the actual collection.

First of all, I just want to comment on how perfect the packaging is for this collection, even the boxes. With one glance, the baby cornflower blue with gold detailing instantly captures the essence of Cinderella and her gown. It doesn't look cheap or child-like at all and really retains the elegance of the Disney princess. 
I think the stand out product of the entire collection would have been the eyeshadow palette but since I already owned 2 of the shades in the palette, I decided to go for something else. Originally, my heart was set on one of the powders as the compacts were so beautiful but by the time I got to the stand 2 hours after it was released, both had already sold out. I did have a swatch anyway though and I was not impressed. It was virtually impossible to get any color out of it, with my fingers or a brush. The MAC girl who was "serving me" told me that it's due to everyone sticking their oily fingers in the pan, but I wasn't convinced. 
Luckily, I was able to pick up the second-last eyeshadow palette for one of my girlfriends but I felt really sad walking away with I didn't walk away with nothing LOL.
I ended up picking up "Glass Slipper Lip Glass", what a cute name! Glass Slipper is a near-translucent milky pink with heaps of fine pearlescent silver and pink shimmers. It's practically clear but it does make my lips slightly paler when worn on its own. 
The texture of it is not overly sticky but still has a bit of tackiness to it. I was really impressed with the application of it, it glides on super smoothly, doesn't accentuate any dry patches and I had no problems with streakiness. It also stays put for hours. I wore this at work the other day for 9 hours, only re-applying it once after lunch. The vanilla scent of the lip gloss smells amazing too.
I had a really hard time trying to capture the iridescence of the lip glass but it is so stunning when the light catches it at different angles. I'll be honest, I didn't think I would like it as much as I do.
I love wearing this on its own but I like layering it on top of pink or peachy lipsticks too. Here's a quick peek of how it looks on top of a pink lipstick (which will be featured in an upcoming review):

I apologise for the timing of this post considering when this collection was released but I thought I would share my thoughts with you in case you were thinking of buying pieces off of elsewhere c: 

Do I just have bad luck with MAC staff? What have your experiences been like? 
Did you pick up anything from this collection?





  1. Gorgeous! I've been seeing hauls of products from the collection but to be honest unless you really just want to collect too many of the products in terms of colors/texture aren't that special but I think this gloss really is and it's so versatile! I've never purchased from any mac LE collections but totally regret not picking a few things in the past but in general I literally never purchase from mac so I don't have any bad experiences. Sorry to hear they were so unhelpful, the least they could do is try calling someone or maybe another outlet to find out if anyone else knows! And had cinderella on VCD? I had it on VCR! I remember sitting and watching the tape rewind back so that I could watch it again! Hah!

  2. The only MAC limited edition collections I've ever purchased things from are the Wonder Woman collection from 2011 and the fall Rihanna collection, but I don't always keep up with the collections. Only if it really wows me!
    Haha, that's what I meant! I had it on VCR until it didn't play anymore and by time by then you could buy the VCD version ;)

  3. ahh chloe, i've absolutely fallen in love with your style and your hair and your blog and just everything <3 haha
    loving that gloss on you, super gorg with the flecks of glitter !
    as for service, i can't say i've ever been to a mac in sydney (just because i've also heard terrible reviews about customer service) but having just gotten back from the US, the service was actually so amazing !

  4. I've actually never bought anything from an actual MAC counter, but the staff do seem quite snooty whenever I'm there for a swatch sesh haha :P This collection is very cute, but nothing really calls out to me! This lip gloss is surprisingly pretty though! I love how it looks on you :) I'm generally not a fan of MAC lipglasses though, I find them too sticky for my liking!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. The lip glass is so pretty! I'd love using this to layer with lipsticks.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  6. Wow I'm so flattered, thank you so much for your kind words c:
    The only other country in which I've visited MAC counters at is in Hong Kong, I wouldn't say their service is completely amazing but it's definitely better than the service I have ever received here in Melbourne. I think I just expected more from such a large company

  7. I've only ever purchased from 2 other LE MAC collections (Wonder Woman and the Riri Hearts Mac) and to this day I still love everything I got from those collections c:
    I was never really a lipgloss girl but I think now that I have short hair, it doesn't bother me quite as much any more!

  8. Yes I love how it adds heaps of dimension to a MLBB color!

  9. Sorry to hear of your underwhelming MAC counter experiences! You'd think working there, they'd have an idea of when the collection would come out? I swear I often think I could do a lot better information-wise than some of the girls working at the beauty counters, lol. I was contemplating the e/s palette but it's crazily expensive here (like anything MAC) and it looked very cool-toned. I agree with you about the powder - I had a swatch in person and it was impossible to get any pigment! Very strange. It was like it had completely sealed. The lip gloss is very pretty and I like the pink sparkles. It seems very versatile both by itself and as a sparkly topper. At least you got something from the Cinderella collection. I do like the cornflower blue packaging!

  10. Such a cute gloss! That's so odd what the server said about the blush!

    Kate |

  11. I get what you mean by rude MAC girls...though I'm happy to say that I've found the concession staff at a particular Myer store to be really really super nice!

  12. I'm so not a lipgloss person, although this looks very pretty on you. I stick to drugstore lipglosses because I so rarely wear them.


  13. All the past times I've gone into MAC in the last few years, I go in knowing exactly what I want and I get in n out. I don't even expect help from them anymore and I don't find them that credible either!
    The powder was pretty disappointing, even looking at reviews/swatches on it online, I wasn't overly impressed! How are you meant to unseal powders without full damaging it?
    I'm glad I own at least one piece from the collection :3

  14. Yes I thought so too, I thought it was kind of unprofessional for her to say that. Not shedding a very positive energy towards her/MAC customers

  15. I definitely feel that way Emma! I think especially because I work in retail, it makes me really upset and angry whenever I get bad customer service. It's really not that hard and it can really tarnish the way customers feel about a company.
    Thank you so much! I didn't expect to love it this much but it has not left my lips ^^

  16. It's such a shame because it really ruins the whole experience of shopping there!

  17. Yeh I haven't been head over heels for a lipgloss in years!