Sucker for Houndstooth

top: mums, pants: Uniqlo, boots: Shubar, bag: Givenchy, necklace: Dallas and Carlos, sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Just a short post from me today, pretty casual outfit from the other day. I bought these boots from work. I'm rarely seen without sneakers these days, but i liked these boots because they didn't look too feminine and they were pretty affordable for leather boots.
These pants are the second pair of printed legging pants that I own from Uniqlo. I love Uniqlo and I'm pretty happy that they've opened a couple of stores in Melbourne now. It's not as cheap as Asia but still very reasonable for what it is. I really like these pants because they're quite thick so they don't hug your butt too tight or show your underwear outline which is a huge pet peeve of mine haha! I picked up this houndstooth-print pair here, I think it was $50AUD? The other pair I own is check-print (as pictured below, in the backgroun) and I bought it from HK. I actually noticed that the pair I bought in Asia fits a lot smaller than the pair I picked up here.

Sidenote, I really like how my hair is fading out. I've been getting heaps of questions regarding how I got it this color (both on my blog and in real life) so I'll just explain it quickly. I had a very light ash grey color before my current hair:
I loved the color but it was very hard to maintain at a particular tone that I liked and my regrowth was just getting too expensive for upkeep and hard to handle so I dyed my roots a blue-black and just got my hair dresser to rub it out gradually to the ends. As I've been washing my hair, it's slowly getting lighter and lighter! This was the photo I uploaded to my instagram last week of how it currently looks:

I'm getting my wisdoms out this coming Tuesday eeeek!




  1. You beauty ♥ Such a chic casual outfit and I'm loving your Uniqlo pants - I want to go to Melbourne to check out the stores! I'm always amazed by your hair /mad envy/ and I'd love to see it and youuuu in person one day :D Good luck with getting your wisdoms out, hope it all goes well xx

  2. you are so cool, Chloe!! your style is one thing I would never be able to pull off, lol xDD

    I like houndstooth as well, my winter coat is full houndstooth ^^

  3. Far our you are just amazing. I can't believe how well you can pull off hair in any colour of the rainbow!!! xxx

  4. Hey pretty lady, looking great ^_^
    I really wish my country has Uniqlo,
    I like we are the only one without it :c

  5. Awh thanks hun!! I hope to meet you in person one day too you cutie!

  6. Pam you're too sweet! Houndstooth is just so effortlessly cool!

  7. You flatter me :-* After trying all the colors of the rainbow, it's nice to go back to something basic haha!

  8. Hopefully one day one will open near you! They're so handy for basics!