I realised blogging has been a bit slow for me this month despite finishing exams so early. As soon as i was done with exams, i've been working almost everyday and i've been cleaning out my wardrobe as well, which has been a massive process. I have many posts back drafted, just missing swatches so i need to get around to taking them on a day with good lighting, i promise! 
Meanwhile, i thought i would share with you some stuff i picked up lately c:

Suzuki Night Market (snaps)

The Suzuki Night Market has been a summer tradition in Melbourne for over a decade, this year marks the 15th year. I went on opening night on the 14th November with a couple of my girlfriends and surprisingly this was the first time i've ever been!
The market is famous for hawker foods on offer from all over the world and market stalls selling a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, house decor items and other novelty goods.
The market starts at 5pm and finishes at 10pm but we didn't get in until 8pm (we had work). We hadn't eaten so we wasted no time and went for the food first. There was so much choice and we barely got around to everything so we've already planned to return!

lights will guide you home

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts these couple of weeks, i've been pretty busy working and catching up with friends since exams finished for me. On tuesday, i went to the Coldplay concert and just wow, what a night. This is definitely the biggest concert i've ever been to with a crowd of supposedly over 60,000!

Gotham City Sirens

So if you follow me on instagram/twitter @chloe_e i'm sure you would have seen some of these photos before alreay! A couple of my girlfriends and i went to a halloween event and we decided to go as the Gotham CIty Sirens! They're the minxy baddies from the batman series: Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (the joker's gf!)